Case study


Army Training Command collaborates with PITCHBOY for the second time.

Army Training Command collaborates with PITCHBOY for the second time.

The learning user is :

  • or a section head in a military high school who summons a student who has committed a behavioral error to his office,
  • or a section leader in a regiment who summons to his office one of his subordinates who has committed a serious offence.

The main aim of these two 360° simulations is to raise the user's awareness of the right behavior and, above all, the right language to adopt in conflict and stress management situations.

Target ? target of 2000 to 3000 users/year

Format? 360° simulations, in French.

These exercises in virtual situations enable users to become aware of the importance of preparing and conducting an interview in a conflict management situation. In addition to the theoretical advice and lessons already given during their initial training, these exercises, which support group discussions and role-playing, add undeniable value to the quality and performance of the teaching provided, enabling the learner to put himself in a personal situation while learning. If the user is autonomous to do and redo as many times as he wishes these exercises to improve his interview (reactions, attitudes, vocabulary, arguments, ...), it also allows the trainer to provide help and recommendations on the pedagogical level. ‍ While perfection in this field does not exist, it is always possible to improve to be even more effective in establishing one's authority and legitimacy.
LCL Dominique