Case study

BNP Paribas

Pitching a service, working on customer relations via videoconferencing. Video conversation simulation.

This video conversation simulation reproduces a videoconference situation between a BNP Paribas advisor and a customer.

The user-learner has to pitch a service: the digital key. It's a device for securing online transactions.

In addition to presenting and explaining how to activate this service, the BNP Paribas advisor works on active listening by identifying the customer's verbal and non-verbal communication, questioning the customer and encouraging him to express himself.

The user-learner must also establish a climate of trust and, of course, ensure customer satisfaction.

Target: 500 to 1,500 people for the first deployment (up to 11,000 people thereafter)

Format: Video simulation, produced in French.

LMS: interfaced with Cornerstone

The fluidity of the simulation, the embodiment of the customer and the Teams dressing make this situation very realistic. It's concrete and close to what's needed in the field.
Vincent Picot