Case study


To attract new recruits, GrandVision France called on PITCHBOY to immerse potential employees in their future work environments.

As sales jobs become increasingly digital, remote sales positions are on the rise. Medtronic, world leader in technologies, services and solutions for the medical sector, is also seeing its sales methods evolve.

To train its sales reps, Medtronic used the conversation simulator to immerse them in two video conferencing situations:

  • 1st remote contact with a customer (surgeon).
  • Following a 1st call with a customer who was using the full range of the Medtronic portfolio in her previous position, the surgeon agreed to arrange a 2nd call with the purchasing manager.

The two video conversation simulations focus on 3 pedagogical objectives:

  • Ability to articulate a coherent message when positioning the value proposition of the distance selling approach.
  • Ability to handle objections, based on CPR methodology.
  • Ability to get customers to express their real needs.

Target : remote sales teams in EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa)Format : video (videoconference type)

In March 2023, this project won an award in the "Evaluation and Implementation" category of the Digital Learning by FEFAUR trophies.

With this immersive 360° experience in its General d'Optique and Grand Optical stores, GrandVision aims to demonstrate the versatility of its employees' missions.


The program for these simulations, aimed at students, includes four professional situations in which both hard and soft skills are required:

  • Technical knowledge
  • Ability to pass on information and advise customers
  • Ability to work in a team
What makes the difference compared to virtual reality solutions [...] where you would have mainly discovered the store, is the possibility of creating interaction and entering into an exchange with our teams.
Stéphanie Villot