Case study

PITCHBOY & Convivencia

Engaging employees and reducing risks around the subjects of secularism and religion.

The conversation simulation developed by PITCHBOY and Convivencia is ready. Convivencia is a social enterprise that aims to foster social ties and inclusion in the world of work. It works for companies such as Total and Orange.

This voice simulation deals with religious issues in the workplace.

It includes: a theoretical part with reminders about secularism in France and a case study part where the user embodies the manager of a company‍

PITCHBOY and Convivencia are convinced that if religious diversity is properly taken into account, it can become a real asset in the workplace: innovative, economic, QWL and CSR!

Target: all public and private institutions faced with the issue of religion in the workplace (teachers, managers, executives, recruiters, HR directors, etc.).
Format: Voice simulation in French.